Many people think that on the road of the life, "stay" is equivalent to the "backward", slowing down is a kind of lazy. It is wrong. Set up a life coaching inn for a short stay it is one lifestyle for the next step to ac[censored] ulate energy, to encourage them to love life, and to maintain the optimistic state. If you put the following eight small habits into action, your daily life will be more colorful.

First, it is omission. Give yourself daily 10 minutes of inactivity, which is a difficult thing than expected. Try it now: sitting, thinking about nothing, and do not put matters of yoga meditation posture or planning dinner. If you always want to see the table, you can set the alarm clock to overcome this impulse. Go to enjoy the state of doing nothing, not to worry about those things to be done. What you will get is a calm state of mind and it will be with you all day.

Second, you can immerse in the music. Do you need inspiration? Then you can listen to a CD which you like. The study found that music can help you slow down the heartbeat, lower blood pressure. And immersed in music, you will relax, so that those household c[censored] s will no longer be difficult to resolve. Third, slow down the speed. We are not saying that you deliberately change the reading speed, which may make others uncomfortable. But if you can learn to slow down and be thoughtful, ultimately you can make the mind keep more sober state.

Fourth, stop looking at the clock. We are always reminded that the time is running out, which inevitably increase the pressure and frustration facing deadline. So, try at home and office to put a few alarm clocks. Fifth, you should learn to be orderly. Advance the scheme would not let people at a loss. Develop this good habit; list the matters, shopping lists and life planning that needs to be done in advance. And divide the big plan into a small target, so as not to delay the time. If you need help, do not be afraid to ask for help.

Sixth, abandon the perfect. The pursuit of perfection will bring us endless pressure. Important is that to everything, as long as we are dedicated to it, and feel happy for it, it is okay. When you want to organize a dinner party, or prepare for a report on your work, please do not worry to not reach perfection. Seventh, you might as well do daydreaming. Fly your thoughts. Whether you are cooking, walking or bathing, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine the scene lying on the beach, listening to the waves, or nestled in a lover's arms. This fantasy will allows you to relax, even if it is only temporary.

Eighth, you can drink tea. Noting is more suitable for people to recover themselves.

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